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old hollywood icons [July 15th]

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:: textless icons are NOT bases

022 - Dorothy Dandridge
026 - Marlon Brando
020 - Paul Newman

you can find the rest (HERE)


[January 27th]


[1-36] Mad Men

[37-65] Marilyn Monroe

[66-79] Brigitte Bardot

[80-89] Last Tango In Paris

[90-102] Audrey Hepburn

[103-144] Miscellaneous( Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Greta Garbo, Jayne Mansfield, Marlon Brando,  Barbara Stanwyck, Kim Novak, James Dean)



[January 9th]

actors: Al Pacino, David Tennant
films: Leon, No Country for Old Men, The Godfather
music: Lady Gaga, Muse
artists: Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Patrick Roger
writers: Hunter S. Thompson

music: Lady Gaga, Muse
artists: Patrick Roger

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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22 icons [October 25th]

22 marlon icons

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[July 20th]


The only thing an actor owes his public is not to bore them.
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Godfather [March 13th]


[December 27th]

I made a picspam, last night .thought about sharing it here too.
Marlon blew me away in this movie



Christian Brando [October 1st]

I just wondered if anyone knew if Christian was reconciled with his mother, Anna, after he left jail?  I know he refused to see her during the trial and while he was in jail. 
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Brando icons [August 17th]

[1-11] Al Pacino
[12-20] Ben Affleck
[21-29] Eric Bana
[30-32] The Time Traveler's Wife
[33-38] Jake Gyllenhaal
[39-50] Marlon Brando
[51-54] Matt Damon
[55-56]Penn Badgley/Leighton Meester
[57-64] Ella Fitzgerald
[65-73] Feist


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Marlon Brando PicSpam [January 22nd]


( + 42 )
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Streetcar returns to the stage, [September 8th]

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Number 2 [August 27th]

[.01-.03] Audrey Hepburn
[.04-.08] Marlon Brando (various movies/stills)
[.09-.12] Misc.
[.13-.14] Kiera Knightley
[.15] Simon Woods (Mr. Bingley)
[.16-.18] Ziyi Zhang
[.19-.20] Streetcar Named Desire
[.21-.32] Romeo and Juliet (Zefferelli's)
[.33] Romeo and Juliet (Painting)

Please Credit cel when and if used.
Also, please comment and tell me which ones you like or have taken.
If you like these, please go to jadeborderwars, my icon journal

Enjoy --

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Yay! Marlon Brando [July 20th]

A Marlon Brando Community! You'd think I'd have searched for it sooner but I guess I never really thought about it. After Cary Grant, Marlon Brando is my favorite actor. I've only seen a few of his movies: Guys and Dolls, On the Waterfront, Sayonara, The Wild One, etc. But I love his portrayal of character - you always know when he's serious - have you ever recognized in all four of the movies I mentioned he has a hand motion that he makes when he's most serious. I can't really explain it. By far, Guys and Dolls is my favorite for a lot of reasons but On the Waterfront is close behind.

I watched the first half of the Brando Documentary - I have yet to watch the second half. I think I was becoming a bit depressed but they certainly had some amazing pictures and information about him.

Let me know what movies I should be looking out for!

Thanks -
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New Member [June 27th]

I just wanted to give a quick introduction. I'm glad that I found an active community dedicated to Marlon Brando, my favourite actor. I've been a fan of his for about four years, after seeing The Godfather for the first time. I think his best performance may be in On The Waterfront and Last Tango in Paris, but I also love him in A Streetcar Named Desire and The Wild One, among others.

I look forward to meeting the rest of you! :)
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[June 19th]

53 Classics icons: movies, actors, and music; challenge entries and variations
Classic Movies: (8) The Wizard of Oz, (5) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Classic Actors: (11) Marlon Brando, (11) Audrey Hepburn
Classic Rock: (4) The Beatles, (4) The Rutles, (4) Elvis, (1) Bob Dylan, (1) Keith Richards, (1) Joan Baez, (1) Donovan, (2) Jim Morrison


HERE @ ob_la_di_icons

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[June 7th]


Last night, in one of the local theaters, they played A Streetcar Named Desire :] It was so amazing seeing Marlon on the big screen as it was meant to be shown. It was quite the experience that I will never forget.

[May 15th]

310 Icons, 10 Banners (Multifandom Icon Dump), mostly challenge entries

80 Movie Icons
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Classic Movies (Grease, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Guys and Dolls, etc.)
40 Music Icons
-The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd, The Sex Pistols, etc.
60 "People" Icons
-James Roday, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, Twiggy, Zooey and Emily Deschanel, etc.
50 TV icons
-Gilmore Girls, Heroes, Supernatural, Lost
10 Banners/Userinfos
Johnny Depp, James Dean, Dean and Brando, The Beatles, The Who, House, PotC


HERE @ ob_la_di_icons

About 13 Icons fit this fandom (just a warning since the post is not especially dialup friendly)

X-Posted Insanely Everywhere
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[May 7th]

Incase none of you have seen this, here is a video of a rare Marlon Brando screentest shot in 1947. This film he is auditioning for is in fact called "Rebel Without a Cause" but this is not the famous James Dean film and this version never was produced. Brando was just beginning to bloom- his debut film wouldn't be out until 1950. It's actually very interesting to watch how much he evolved. Check it out:
ScreentestCollapse )

Marlon Brando Icons [May 4th]

I made a few Marlon Brando icons.
If anybody is interested it's up
for grabs.:)


more here
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TCM! [May 3rd]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Did anyone watch the 2 day documentary? I want to watch it enormously, but I don't have TCM! Pray tell what happened. I hope it will be up on YouTube or so someday.

Well a few days ago I ordered his autobiography, and I can't wait until I receieve it. The only book on him at my library is the bio by Patricia Bosworth, which I really enjoyed. The lady can write! Not a chapter where I grew bored, which is quite difficult for a lot of biographies.

Truthfully I haven't watched a ton of Brando films, due to the fact of their unavailability here. From what I have seen, I've just been so impressed. It's no wonder so many actors including James Dean and Paul Newman idolize him.

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