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Yay! Marlon Brando

A Marlon Brando Community! You'd think I'd have searched for it sooner but I guess I never really thought about it. After Cary Grant, Marlon Brando is my favorite actor. I've only seen a few of his movies: Guys and Dolls, On the Waterfront, Sayonara, The Wild One, etc. But I love his portrayal of character - you always know when he's serious - have you ever recognized in all four of the movies I mentioned he has a hand motion that he makes when he's most serious. I can't really explain it. By far, Guys and Dolls is my favorite for a lot of reasons but On the Waterfront is close behind.

I watched the first half of the Brando Documentary - I have yet to watch the second half. I think I was becoming a bit depressed but they certainly had some amazing pictures and information about him.

Let me know what movies I should be looking out for!

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